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So it appears there are just positions available to whoever wants them on the Egyptian basketball team. I knew Brazil was good, but DAMN.

Next time world sports talking heads want to accuse the US of bullying with their team, let’s talk about a) how much better other countries are getting in the wake of the Dream Team and b) some of the competition that maybe shouldn’t be in the tournament in the first place. Plus, like him or not, you have to admit that Coach Kreyschewizzle has rejuvenated USA’s chances against competition that had us on the ropes less than ten years ago.

Is it ethical, or even humane, to be entertained for fun and (occasionally) profit by a sport that so inevitably destroys the people who play it?

- Charles P. Pierce

This article pretty much describes my current problem with football, and the generalized problem with my trying to avoid it.

prairiehamster asked:

Humbly suggest Other Rachel has the same last name as Rachel? (question mark means it's a question) sidenote: In school we had two Matthews, so we called them by their last name. This meant that one got the awesome name of Rackham.


In elementary school we had three Davids — Willis, Ressman, and Simonson.  Like, all in the same 20-kid class.  It was ridiculous. I was “Willis” throughout all of school and I kind of hated it.  I much prefer “David.”  

Rachel Prime’s last name is Jackson, though, which is pretty awesome.  If there were two Rachel Jacksons on the floor, maybe one would be Rachel and the other would be Jackson — which sucks for Rachel, because Jackson is totes better.  

(Other Rachel’s last name is different.)

Senior year, my high school band of 90-some had 15 Michaels and 11 Christophers. (They didn’t all spell it the same, but they sure said it the same.) It only takes a small number of miscommunications before you get sick of them. So of course I began calling all of them by last name, and others quickly followed my lead. (I might have added in Christines and Christinas just to be inclusive.)

The backfire: My brother was one of those Michaels, so, naturally, he was Moya. BUT THEN! Even though I was the only Rick in the band and had been for three years, even though I had started the thing to avoid confusion and having to call people by their whole name, even though I was the senior and the original, I was quickly retronymmed “Big Moya.”

Oh well. At least they shifted to “Moses” once I graduated and had been an assistant director for a few years.

Overcome Your Programming And Be A Better Man


Change yourself and the world changes around you. Work on yourself, figure out how to bring your best qualities to the forefront, figure out how to stop apologizing for and hiding from the things you don’t like about yourself. Most importantly, stop apologizing for the things you do like about yourself. Be strong, be courageous, and be the real you. Change the things about your behavior that are holding you back, and stick to your guns on the things other people aren’t getting that you really believe in. Change yourself, change your circumstances, and carve out your own world that you do fit into.

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