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When Americans are asked in surveys, 92 percent claim to be hand-washers, but when researchers actually stake out public restrooms, the number is closer to 83 percent. And even the people who do stop by the sink make a fairly half-assed attempt. (This is a scientific term, because they leave literally half the ass still on their hands.)
Ken Jennings,
Because I Said So!

Spurs hire WNBA star Hammon as assistant

I HATED this girl when she played against the Lobos, which is probably all I need to say about her basketball skills. (“Aw shit, Hammon has the ball AGAIN. Let’s get ready to get those points back.”) Actually pretty excited to see her in this job.

So this is the problem I see not just with Facebook and OKCupid’s experiments, but with most of the arguments about them. They’re all too quick to accept that users of these sites are readers who’ve agreed to let these sites show them things. They don’t recognize or respect that the users are also the ones who’ve made almost everything that those sites show. They only treat you as a customer, never a client.
Tim Carmody,
on social experiments in social media






sometimes i think that i am not so stereotypical of an american

and then i remember that i consider the coke freestyle machine one of the greatest modern inventions

i mean look at this thing


it’s beautiful

over 100 choices, computerized mixing, one spout, touch screen, ice dispenser


like wow

have u ever seen anything so wondrous and beautiful??


Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

Orange Coke is the best.


OK, backstory: The day after our wedding, my grandparents hosted a barbecue at their house and invited all the family and some of the guests from out of town. Ostensibly it was a gift-opening party, but really we just wanted a little more time with people we don’t get to see that often.

But anyway, the relevant part: My grandpa had set up two coolers of drinks. labeled for convenience. One said “Coke / Sprite” and the other one said “Diet Coke / Orange Coke.” I was amazed — was this a thing they were making now and how did I not know about it? Maybe in my time abroad it had escaped my notice (and, er, continued to elude it for a year). At any rate, I needed to try it.

I should have known better, because this is a thing we do in New Mexico, but I was still disappointed when I opened the cooler and found Diet Coke and … orange Sunkist.

And now Coke Freestyle machines have been a thing for YEARS and I STILL haven’t tried this.

Longtime sports fan Ronnie Davidson dies

The Isotopes aren’t going to be the same without this guy. I have almost never been to a game (going all the way back to the Dukes) where he wasn’t sitting on the aisle with his megaphone and his uniformed rabbit. Wish I’d thanked him when I was thinking about it.

As I learned the hard way, here are some things you should not say when you leave the front door wide open and your father bellows, ‘Were you born in a barn?’

• ‘So? Jesus was.’
• ‘No, but Grandpa says I was conceived in one. What does “conceived” mean?’

Ken Jennings,
Because I Said So
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